Film Origin

“Scars” is a short film born from a writing prompt response by user u/wercwercwerc. It received over a million views, tens of thousands of upvotes, and was gilded ten times.






On the surface, “Scars” is about a young cadet learning that there are two sides to every story. However, the real story goes much deeper in discussing the value of truth, honesty, and how people judge one another based on their physical appearance. “Scars” forces the viewer to put themselves into this unfamiliar world and wonder where they would fit.











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About the Filmmakers

Jonny Zeller (Director)

Zeller was born and raised in central Wisconsin before gradually making his way west to Minnesota, Colorado, and eventually California. His commercial directing career continues to see success with major projects and major clients while he focuses on his role as a development executive at Tapestry Films.

Tim Frazier (Producer)

Tim Frazier has produced countless pieces of commercial and branded content for some of the world’s biggest companies. Before signing on as one of Tapestry Films’ development executives, Tim worked for various production companies in LA as both a producer and head of development.

Jackson Rathbone (Producer)

Actor/Producer Jackson Rathbone not only carries years of big-budget feature film experience, but also a legion of TWILIGHT fans. Most recently, Jackson co-produced the film SAMSON and served as an associate producer on the upcoming new series by Adi Shankar, GODS AND SECRETS.

Bryan Bagby (writer)

Bryan Bagby looks forward to every project, aiming to be entertaining if nothing else as he believes that humanity’s survival depends upon the cinematic experience. Currently working for a major studio to do just that, he also looks forward to probably getting fired.

Dallas Carroll (Executive Producer)

Dallas Carroll is the Executive Producer of Digital Giant, a multi-discipline imaging and production company working primarily out of LA and London. Dallas approaches every project with freshness and adaptability to achieve great results and make things as straight forward and streamlined as is possible.

Alex Jacobs (Cinematographer)

Alex Jacobs’ work spans commercial, TV, and feature projects for creative teams around the world. His distinct eye for light and color have made him a sought-after cinematographer across the industry.


Production Companies


Content Partners

The companies below contributed to the production of “Scars” in myriad ways; Equipment, labor, financing, and a good deal of emotional support. In short, we couldn’t have done this without them and greatly appreciate all they were so willing to give.